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RE: what to do with middle-aged knees

Connie Hoge (pvtevt@msn.com)
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Subject: what to do with middle-aged knees

Hi all-

I just got back from the FIre Mountain Ride where I rode my 5 year-old on his
first 50. Unfortunately, Rocky is not as smooth-gaited as his brother, Hoss,
the horse I have been riding. Consequently, my knees took a real pounding.
So, those of you who have experienced this inconvenience, I need your advice
on how to combat it. I'm thinking of buying shock-absorbing stirrups as well
as wearing a knee brace. Any more suggestions?


My husband has the same problem. Our shoer rolled Khaz's toes, & increased his
angles, that resulted in a much smoother gait. Professional's Choice sells
knee supports that look like they'd be great at protecting the knee from

Connie H.
Arlington, WA

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