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Another point of interest on this subject, a few years ago when I was horse
shopping, the daughter and I ended up at a breeding farm in Arroyo Grande,
noticed bags and bags of oranges sitting outside certain stalls so couldn't
help asking what was going on. They fed oranges to help make the mares
system more acidic to help increase the % of fillys vs colts. Aha! That
totally jived with what a goat breeder friend told me about putting apple
cider vinegar into the goats drinking water for about 3 weeks before
breeding -- gave her more does than bucks. On an average she would have 20
Angora goat kids per year, she routinely had 17-18 doe kids and 2-3 buck
kids. The one year she forgot to do the vinegar she had 30% does and 70%
bucks. So, well, okay, I tried it -- wow! out of 12 Nigerian Dwarf kids
born I had one buck kid! It has been consistant over the years -- unless I

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