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[endurance] Sad News

Katherine J. Brunjes (brunjes@saturn.caps.maine.edu)
Mon, 19 Aug 1996 10:33:34 -0400 (EDT)

I have the sad task of reporting that a very good friend to Maine (and
New England) riders, and a savior to most ride managers in the Northeast,
has passed away. Al Buck, South Paris, Maine, passed away yesterday
doing what he loved to do - helping horses and riders get through a ride
- at the Northeast Challenge endurance ride, held in Buckfield, Maine.

Al was the smile and helping hand that we all looked to when we came into
a hold, and drove that water around to make sure we had enough out on the
trail. I arrived at the NEC ride on Friday without a crew, and Al told
me not to worry, he would pull one of his volunteers from their numerous
duties to crew for me. He always put the rider and horse first - he was
always there to hold a stirrup, or horse, or bring you a drink, and
always with a smile and a funny saying or joke. If there can be any
consolation in this tragedy, it is that his horse won the race for him
yesterday (his good friend was riding), and he was in the middle of
managing his ride (the Northeast Challenge) when this sad event happened
- doing what Al loved to do.

We in Maine extend our condolences to his wife, April, and children (all
of which were working at the ride with Al)