ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: [endurance] scuffing biothane leathers

Re: [endurance] scuffing biothane leathers

Laney Humphrey (laneyh@mbay.net)
Sun, 18 Aug 1996 19:14:14 -0700

At 01:10 PM 8/16/96 -0500, you wrote:
>My new saddle came with 2" camlock biothane leathers. I thought they
>sounded great, but I'm having some problems with them. Perhaps
>somebody here will have some solutions. (I like the camlock adjustments -
>talk about micro-adjusting your stirrup length! No problem with
>I am finding that the leathers are digging into my shins!
>The more urgent problem is that they're scuffing the flinish off the
>flaps. I suspect that they will eventually start to damage the
>leather of the flaps. Has anybody else had this problem? Any
>solutions? I hate to give up on them since I like the cam lock
>adjustment, but I don't want to ruin an expensive, new saddle either.
Dear Linda -
No solution but a bit of additional information. I was talking with
a customer service rep. at Stateline last week about synthetic saddles and
she said that biothane "leathers" work fine with synthetic saddles but she
does not recommend using them with leather saddles for the very reasons you
have discovered: they tear up the leather. I have a synthetic dressage
saddle with biothan "leathers" that I've used in the ring and only a tad on
the trail. I remember thinking that my legs might need some protection if I
used the saddle for longer rides. Have you tried half chaps?
Hope this helps!