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Re: [endurance] Saddle Fit

Lynne Glazer (lglazer@cyberg8t.com)
Wed, 07 Aug 1996 10:42:15 +0000

Maybe it is indeed the Express Lite model that is wrong for your horse.

I have had a sort of parallel experience. Suddenly my 4 yr old cutback
wasn't fitting my horse, bad rubs and hair loss in the loin,
particularly on the right which had a bump, too. I bought a Wintec
endurance pro to tide me over until I sent the OF for repair of what
turned to be a broken panel. TMALSS, my horse showed me how much she
preferred the OF upon its return by significantly extending her stride
at the trot, with no interference as she had demonstrated until then.

It's only a feeling, but I think she is more comfortable with the way I
ride in that saddle, it's more precise. The Wintec was sort of sloppy.
I know that's probably not true with the all purpose pro, my riding
buddy has one and I'd borrowed another at first after throwing up my
hands initially with the OF.

I'd never experienced the wavy hair that you and others have talked of
(in over 40 horses), and hadn't shimmed before trying it to solve what I
thought were bridging problems on my 5 year old's back. In fairness,
though, the longest competition up to that point had been 35 miles.

(Rem-member Me & Mountain Man)

Joyce Kellenberger wrote:

> seen with the Wintec all-purpose I normally use for her. And at this
> point the Wintec is more comfortable for me as well. Less is better
> for me. However, I'm still going to try setting the saddle further
> back and tightening the girth to see what happens. I bought this
> saddle over a year ago and never had the opportunity to ride it much
> as I turned it over to my riding partner to use on my other horse.
> Well after a year of using this saddle we have those embarrassing
> white hair patches on either side of the withers now on that horse
> as well as the wavy hair that only recently turned up. I don't know
> what to think anymore. Anyone want to buy an Express Lite?
> joyce