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[endurance] Re: Mustangs

Tommy Crockett (tomydore@goblin.punk.net)
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 13:08:32 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 15 Aug 1996 llayman@Imail.NeoRx.com wrote:

> Tommy
> I've been interested in adopting a mustang for a long time. Can you
> send me some information on where I can adopt one, or point me in the
> direction of somebody who could help me.
> Linda-Catherine and Magic Jake

Howdy L-C,

Do you have PPP or SLIP access? Most servers do nowadays, but if you don't
I'd be happy to go to these sites for you and e-mail the specifics, of
which there are many. I'll paste in the address of a private site and the
offical U.S. Government Mustang and Burro adoption web sites. (from my
Netscape bookmark page)

<DT><A HREF="http://iquest.com/~jhines/mustang/" ADD_DATE="822252260"
LAST_VISIT="827509776" LAST_MODIFIED="822252237">The Wild Horse, Mustang
& Burro Page (mustang wild horse burro BLM adoption west) (Rev. 11/30/95)</A>

<DT><A HREF="http://www.blm.gov/blmhome/blmhorse.html" ADD_DATE="826659408"
LAST_VISIT="827441721" LAST_MODIFIED="826659371">Wild Horse Program</A>

Lemme know if you have any specific questions. You can also reach the
District office, in which, I'm located (adoption center in Bakersfield)
at ... 619-446-6064.

They'll send you a national schedule and enough brochures to pique your
interest and keep you well informed.

e-mail me anytime for any specific questions you might have.

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