ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] USA team for WEG

[endurance] USA team for WEG

Michael K Maul (mmaul@micro.ti.com)
Thu, 15 Aug 96 11:07:58 CDT

just got the info from a friend that was on the long list.

following is the list as i received it from her.

mike maul
houston, tx

Subject: World Championship -- U.S.A. Team


Melissa Crain
Shirley Delsart
Danielle Knavey
Valerie Knavey
Chris Knoch
Ona Lawrence
Suzie Morrill
Pat Murray
Steve Rojek
Marsha Smith
Dennis Sommers
Jan Worthington
Christy Unser

(not ranked):

Audrey Gehrig
Clydea Hasty
Heather Hoyne
Don Jacobs
Linda Johnson
Lois MacAfee
Carrie Miracle
Pattie Pizzo
Jim Rogan
Joyce Sousa
Holly Ulate
Lynda Corry