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[endurance] horse for sale

Laney Humphrey (laneyh@mbay.net)
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 07:59:18 -0700

Tara, 14 yr. 14'3" hand, grey Khemosabi daughter. She and I did Castle Rock
in '95 and Shine & Shine Only last March. She has the ability to do
endurance but needs a confident rider who can see her through her moments of
thinking she doesn't want to. She is great on the ground and enjoys ring
work and cows (I have taken 2 team penning clinics with her). She was well
trained in her youth and knows a lot more stuff than I know how to ask her
for (both english and western I think). She is a great trail horse - sure
footed and with a wonderful mind for solving trail problems. She's had 2
babies and she'd love to be a broodmare for someone looking to add
Khemosabi/Bay Abi bloodlines to their line. I'm looking for a good home for
her and asking $2000. She lives in Carmel Valley CA and does both hills and
the flats.