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[endurance] Re: (no subject)

Stephanie Teeter (step@bluefish.fsr.com)
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 15:16:44 -0700 (PDT)

Hello Jorge,

How exciting that you are interested in the sport - and that
you are making every effort to maintain the high standards
that have been the trademark of endurance.

Here is information for contacting AERC, the
American Endurance Ride Conference. This is the governing
and organizing body in the United States. AERC has several
publications, including an endurance handbook and rules
and regulations. These would be of great benefit to you
in understanding how the sport is run in the United States.

AERC Administrative Office
701 High Street, Suite 203
Auburn, CA 95603
PHONE (916) 823-2260
FAX (916) 823-7805
Email: AERCMIKI@aol.com

AERC also has an international committee. You may want
to contact the chairman:

Chuck Gray, President<BR>
AERC - International Committee<BR>
4214 7th Drive<BR>
Union Grove, WI 53182
Email: chuckaerci@aol.com

Also, I will forward this message to the internet endurance
group, endurance@moscow.com. There are over 500 members of
this group, representing many different countries. You may
get responses from spanish-speaking individuals that can
help you out.

Best of Luck!



,+'^'+, ,+'^'+, Steph Teeter http://www.endurance.net `+,.,+'

>>>>> "Jorge" == Jorge Tavarez <btavares@aacr.net> writes:

> FROM:RAFAEL SANCHEZ Equi Club-President Santo Domingo, Dominican > Republic.

> We are a club, based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, > specialized on organizing horseback rides through mountains, > rivers, and the popular horse-rallies.

> Here, people are very intersted in Endurance competitions, so we > decided to organize an edurance competition here, which took > place last July 26, following the rules used in the competitions > held in the USA.

> The competition, had a distance of 10 miles, with three stops > for vet check, one rest after the first 5 miles, and another > check after 25 minutes of crossing the finish line. Even though > it was a short lenght competition, it helped us enormously, and > gave us lots of expirience. The competition was a huge success, > and the winner ran 54 minutes with one rest stop of 30.

> We are plannig to do our next competition, on December of 96, > with a distance of 20-25 miles. Our goal is to contact somebody, > (spanish) prefered, so we can visit him/her, and share our > expirience and that could give us some advice on how we can > improve this types of events. In order for us to prepare a > competition of international character, and have the oportunity > to have participants from the USA and other countries.

> If it is possible, could you please let us know where we can > contact a person that would help us on doing so.

> Thanks in advanced,

> RAFAEL SANCHEZ LLUBERS PRESIDENT EQUI CLUB INC. Calle B#2 > Esq. Jose A. Soler, Paraiso. Santo Domingo Republica Dominicana > Phone:809-541-1891 Fax: 809-544-0721