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[endurance] Re: breeders

Eugenie (oogiem@dsrtweyr.com)
Tue, 13 Aug 96 06:45:41 -0000

>I fully
>agree that it is desirable for the more reputable breeders to keep the breed
>"honest". It is becoming increasingly difficult for the true breeder to stay
>in business.
How does a reputable breeder keep the breed "honest" when people won't
pay the prices that result from "doing it right"? If you do full vet and
farrier care, live in an area where you feed hay year round, provide
training, are a business with insurance (farm liability insurance is big
$$$$), advertising etc. etc. etc you end up with animals that people
won't buy because they perceive the price is too high. Backyard breeders
(in general those who don't truely count all costs in the price of their
foals or those who feel they are in it only for fun and don't really care
if they are profitable) will undersell a reputable professional by 50%.
Now granted the professional breeder can and does sell horses, I've sold
some before conception <g>, but it's very hard to compete and you end up
with carrying costs on your "inventory" that make it almost impossible to
be profitable.

If riders want to continue to have well bred animals to choose from you
need to occasionally pay a high price from professional breeders or all
that will be left are the backyard folks.

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