ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Looking for a ZES saddle

[endurance] Looking for a ZES saddle

Nick Warhol (nwarhol@mscorp.kla.com)
Mon, 12 Aug 96 09:10:00 PDT

Hi All-
I have a friend who is looking for a ZES saddle, model True Rider. She
tried to buy a new one, but Zontelli is in the midst of changing his
production from overseas to somewhere in Texas, and the saddles are changing
somewhat. They won't be available for a while, so she is looking for a
used one. If anyone has one, contact me at nwarhol@mscorp.kla.com. or call
me 510-537-2503


Nick Warhol
Hayward, Ca

Shatta who is totally healed form his suspensory injury, and will be racing
again in a few months, and who really likes his ZES saddle a lot. (so do I)

Rowan the retired who thinks Adequan and Cosequin are the best thing to ever
happen to him.