ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] ARABIAN/WELSH FILLY FOR SALE


Sun, 11 Aug 1996 10:12:12 PDT

This beautiful bay filly will mature between 14 to 15 hands. The Arabian
stud is 15.2 and the Pinto Welsh mare is just under 14 hands. Both
parents are very well tempered. The stud is a great trail horse, not scared
of anything and the mare is used in 4-H.

Just think of the possibilities with this filly. She would make a great
endurance propect. A 14 to 15 hands Arabian with tough Welsh
blood in her. She would be unbeatable. This filly has long legs and
was 13 hands at 4 months of age. She is typy like her dad and has
a beautiful Arabian head. She is quiet and unspookable. She could
also make a great ladies or kids horse. Both parents are quiet and she would
excell in 4-H. Plus she would be a great mare for breeding.

She was born in Febuary, 1996 and we are letting her go for $1,500.
If interested you can e-mail me at:


or call: 701-784-5881

Lynette Helgeson
Diamond-H Ranch
Raising Arabians and Pintos.