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[endurance] Classified Ad - For Sale

Sat, 10 Aug 1996 21:22:34 -0400

I would like to post this ad on the Endurance Riders page. If you have any
questions feel free to contact me. Thank you, Teresa Sanders
For Sale - Arabian Gelding, Pure-Polish, Bay, 14.2 hands, 10 years old.
Aristo Kaszmir is one of the "purest in strain" Kuhailan breeding available.
"Kaszmir" has been raced and we retired him last year from the track. He is
sound in his prime and enjoys working. Kuhailan horses mature later than
other strains, not reaching their full growth until they're at least 7 years
old. He raced 4 years (3 firsts, 4 seconds, 7 thirds) and won over $12K. The
longer the race, the better he ran. During his racing career he was jogged
approximately 7 miles a day without showing signs of fatigue. The longer the
race distance the better he ran, however, there were not enough long distance
races to be cost effective to keep him in our racing program. He is a sweet
horse and is very willing and should excel in endurance racing. He has been
trained and ridden on trails before racing and since retiring. $3,500.
Contact Teresa Sanders , TIMESSTAR@aol.com or fax Arabian Lane Farm at