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(Fwd) Re: [endurance] Chafing girth-help!

Linda Flemmer (CVLNURS@CHKD-7.evms.edu)
Mon, 12 Aug 1996 09:38:08 -0500 (EST)

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You wrote:
> Hi- My arab mare has always been prone to chafing behind her elbow area and
> a string girth was the only kind I could use. Now that she is getting into shape
> and needed a smaller girth and one that has elastic in it so she would be more
> comfortable, I got her a megabuck 'euro-girth'. SHe's chafing a little bit
> every time I ride her and I put A&D ointment all over the area before I start
> and I keep zinc oxide ointment on the areas daily.

Is sand or debris getting caught in the ointments? If so, it will
chaffe the skin more than the girth itself can. You may want to
check this.

> Would genuine sheepskin prevent the rubbing? (Polyester fleece rubs her)
> I wash the girth after each use and have been using fabric softener
on it too.

Genuine fleece worked better for a mare I had w/ sensitive skin than
did polyester pile. Keeping it clean is paramount since fleece pile
can hold debris and grit just like the ointment might. I would stop
using the fabric softener - any residue from it may be irritating her
as well.

I have had success with a GOOD quality neoprene girth (Orthoflex's is
best. I have had problems with pinching when I used a cheap
imitation.) If you use the neoprene, stop using the ointments. The
horse's sweat will lubricate the neoprene so that it slides over the
skin without rubbing.

Good luck! The only thing more frustrating than rubbing girths is fitting
a horse for a saddle! Where you could use any girth on one horse, another
will ONLY work with "X" girth (fill in the blank at "X")! Keep trying!

Linda Flemmer
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