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[endurance] Equithotics

Tina Hicks (hickst@puzzler.nichols.com)
Fri, 9 Aug 1996 07:35:52 -0500

Well, after a few false starts, I finally got the equithotics and my shoer
in my barn at the same time....They went on fine - took him a little longer
than regular shoes but that was to be expected. He thinks that one more
setting and they will go on almost as quickly as steel shoes. My shoer is
so impressed with them from a design standpoint that he's going to suggest
them to several of his other clients (I told him I get a commission since
he got to learn on my horse :->)

Anyway, I finally got to test them out last nite and I put them to the test
right away on the pavement since that's the main reason I got them. I am
totally *SOLD* on them!!!! No slipping - none, not one step, not even an
inch, not even up a slight incline, not even down a slight incline. Talk
about a real confidence builder. See, out in the county repaving roads is
not a high priority so some of these roads get like ice - just walking
across the road in steel shoes is taking your life in you hands - requiring
stutter steps from the horse, breath-holding and a very tight rear from the
rider, and you *still* get in a slide or two.

This also really breaks up the rhythm we may have going on a particular
stretch of shoulder - up until now our rides have been trot out good here,
slow down there, slide here, walk here and here, okay trot there - well,
you get the picture....

Well, I hit those exact areas on purpose at a trot - not a full out trot as
we never do that on the road but a good working trot. All I could think was
- I hope these things work like the brochure says or we're toast - and
across we went - clop, clop, clop. Embers was as suprised as I was elated.
It took a few crossings or moving onto the pavement to avoid a mailbox
before he believed that he would no longer do the splits. By the time we
were coming home there was no break in stride from shoulder to road back to
shoulder. Amazing!

Cost was $90 for the set and $60 to have them put on for the first time - I
figure my shoer's fee will go down as it takes him less time and effort -
he had to bring out a grinder and drill and refer to the instructions a few
times for the initial fitting of this set - resets should be easier. So - I
have $150 in this set - waaayyyy more then I have *ever* had in a pair of
shoes - but after riding in them last nite - decided our safety was worth
the extra $$.

If you are considering them - especially if you ride around pavement - I
highly recommend them! The test now is to see what kind of wear I get out
of them...will keep you posted.

Tina Hicks
Proposal Writer/Coordinator, Annual Report
Nichols Research Corporation
205/883-1140, x1584
Huntsville, AL