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[endurance] camping

Tue, 6 Aug 1996 20:45:04 -0400

Hi Tom - I'll send this message out to the endurance listserve -
you'll probably get the information you need! Good luck,

Steph Teeter


Hi Steph,
My name is Tom Crain . I am from Franklin , Tenn. My wife , Melissa is on
the long list for the team going to Kansas. We are going to the Fort
Armstrong ride in Penn this weekend and I am having a tough time finding a
place to camp on the way . We would like to stay someplace in Ohio on
Thursday night. Could anyone tell us of a state park that has horse camping
along I75 in Ohio. We usually stay at KOA's but we are having a bit of a
problem with that. Thanks for your time and thanks for the great! internet

Tom, Melissa, Whoa Jack, Charbiel, Haze