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>> believe that there was a vet home page
>>with an excellent write up on it. Use a search engine on excertional
>>rhabdomyelosis or tying up - I'll bet you'll locate it Lin
>or anyone out there that can tell me what the vet homepage is...their
>address?? Linda new e-mail
>address linda@ghostridr.reno.nv.us

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the above looks a liitle weird because I get the disgets so I have to edit
the contents a little for replies.

My research has told me that the dark color is NOT blood but a by-product
of muscle breakdown. This by-product is called myoglobin and is deposited
into the blood stream and filtered by the kidneys when muscle is being
broken down. Any blood in the urine could indicate kidney or bladder
damage. Bood shows up as bright red in the urine, not a darkening.
MYOGLOBIN in the blood stream can be tested and muscle damage shows up as
two products. CPK and SGOT counts in the blood are generally tested for
whenever the tying up syndrome occurs. The next step after this damage can
be kidney failure, liver damage, and general exhaustive failure of all
I found this information after having had a horse tie-up and then
treated successfully. This horse also died a few years later from the same
syndrome and was not treated in a timely manner at the ride. The vets at
the ride did not believe we had a problem, so treament was delayed until
we arrived at home the next day. I blame this only on my own lack of
experience and stupidity! Sometimes we learn the hard way.

Raymond Santana
Network Operations
UC Davis Medical Center
Sacramento, CA