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Re: [endurance] Positive Comments?

Karren S. Beason (kbeason@mail.orion.org)
Mon, 5 Aug 1996 15:19:36 -0500 (CDT)

Hi sally.

Usually I just lurk, but since I do have something positive to say about
the orthoflex saddles, here is my 2cents. Our family has four, and these
saddles have been on everything from a 14.0 hand arab to a 16 hand
saddlebred arab cross. No sore backs, no rubs. my saddle is #27, and I
have no idea how many miles it has on it. the orginal saddle and the
original idea worked for me. Len has always been willing to stand
behind his product as far as I know. Perhaps things have changed, but my
experience has been a good one. Our family also has different sizes of
riders, from HW to FW. Perhaps like some shoes and tights, one product
is not for everyone. That is another wonderful thing about this sport,
we do have choices. Whatever works for you and your horse. Just
finished the Wolverine 50 on my filly. Her first 50 mile ride. Great
trail, wonderful management, careful/competent vets. What more could
you want!!!!

spec ed
Karren Beason
Willard, Mo usa

On Wed, 31 Jul 1996, Sally Miller wrote:

> I was just wondering if there is anyone "out there" that has anything
> POSITIVE to say about the Orthoflex saddles?
> Most of my riding buddies ride in newer Orthoflex saddles and are quite
> happy with them, so far. (They have only been riding in them since May,
> though). Should they be cautious? I have seen the "wrinkles" on their
> horses backs.
> What about the SR Enduro? I never seem to hear much about these saddles and
> when I do, it seems to be very positive?
> Any comments?
> I know somebody "out there" was keeping track of saddle comments (sorry, I
> missed all that stuff, I wasn't a subscriber then). Please email me
> directly since I am sure the "public" doesn't want to hear this saddle stuff
> again.
> Sally
> Eagle, Idaho
> sallydm@rmci.net