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[endurance] Tevis Crewing Experience

Susan Flagg (bzdgulch@ecis.com)
Sat, 3 Aug 1996 13:19:10 -0700

Hi Everyone--

Thanks Karen for another great Tevis story! I was too exhausted
from the whole experience to do more than add to Kimberly's post about
crewing for Suzie & Kooter.

BUT, I would like to add one other thing here--Kimberly and I crewed
for Suzie & Kooter because of Karen's post to the list asking if anyone
needed help crewing at Tevis. Karen had already agreed to crew for another
rider, knew I was also interested in crewing, so she forwarded Suzie's post
to me. I wrote back admitting my inexperience crewing at Tevis but saying I
was willing (blissfully unaware of Suzie and Kooter's caliber <vbg>). Suzie
wrote back saying bring along some friends (enter Kimberly), and assured me
she was very organized and her mom would get us through (she did,
admirably). The rest is history. It was a great time.

For those of you who'd like to crew, don't volunteer unless you're
willing to work HARD! We ended up dragging our cart of goodies about 1/3 of
the way uphill out of Michigan Bluff (shuttle was broken down at the time)
Fortunately were aided by two nice men who pulled the cart a ways, then we
heard the shuttle was fixed, so only went as far as the next shady spot.
Kimberly did get interviewed by the Nat'l Geog. (the ones with the fuzzy
slipper on the mike) while she was pushing the cart up to the shuttle stop.
Look for her on Nov. 13!

Sorry to babble, but if any riders are looking for crews for an
out-of-state ride, this list might not be a bad way to go. The only thing
I'd recommend (more 'cause I've discovered I'm more of a perfectionist than
I thought...not a good thing...) is a written game plan for your crew.

Hope I haven't been too redundant. Haven't posted to this list in a
long time, mostly just lurk. Have a good weekend everybody!

Sue Flagg & Samba (Tevis?? 100 miles in 24 hours!?! You've got to be kidding...)