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[endurance] Re: A Tevis story

Fri, 2 Aug 1996 23:21:42 -0400

This year I entered the Tevis and had assembled what I consider to be the
perfect crew. Some camped at Robinson Flat the night before, others went
early to Michigan Bluff and parked a camper with a shower and freezer full of
ice cream on a friendly lawn. I even had a fresh crew for the finish and a
motel room waiting in Auburn for my tired body. I think next year I will
ride solo. The reason, you ask? My horse was a bit off at the Friday vet
check so I pulled us. I just had to do something with all that energy and
crew so I found a rider, Mike Tracy, who would have no crew until Michigan.
The Robie Park crew dashed to Robinson to tell that crew they would be
helping a perfect stranger. Mike was almost overwhelmed by the attention but
he survived to Michigan Bluff where he was again inundated by crew which by
this time included his son, me and my husband plus the Michigan crew. His
son took over at Foresthill. Mike and Aron finished well and I hope he is
still speaking to us!
Some years ago, Susan Gibson, then Brannon, wrote probably the definitive
article on crewing. The article appeared in Trailblazer and I cherish it
still. The first time I read it I almost died laughing because, then being
an NATRC rider, I could not believe anyone would actually go to such lengths
as she described to help a rider. In truth, several people are needed to do
all that she suggests.

P.S. My horse was dead sound at his vet exam on Tues. Horses!

Judy Etheridge
Santa Clara, CA