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Re: [endurance] Positive Comments?

Linda Flemmer (Blue-Wolf@worldnet.att.net)
Thu, 1 Aug 1996 11:31:46 +0000

At 05:30 AM 8/1/96 +0000, Sally Miller wrote:
>I was just wondering if there is anyone "out there" that has anything
>POSITIVE to say about the Orthoflex saddles?

I have a newer Orthoflex Express Lite, & I LOVE it! If your horse has a
long, relatively even back, these saddles fit wonderfully & offer good
protection from pressure sores. If the horse has any dip to his back, the
saddle may bridge between the withers & loins & thus requiring shimming if
the dips are too pronounced for the flexible panels to conform against.

When the saddle is placed on the back & the girth tightened, the girth looks
TIGHT! After you mount, though, the panels flex & the saddle sits deeper
onto the back & conforms - that's when I see the girth become LOOSE (from a
couple fingers under the girth to hanging under the belly!) This has become
less pronounced now that I've had time to break the saddle in (6 months of
hard riding doing 50's + training). I experienced some ruffling of the
horse's hair in front until I started rechecking & adjusting the girth after
I mounted. Perhaps the saddle was swaying a bit on the back & ruffling the
hair as I shifted my weight?!?

I have had NO loin rubbing (although my Arab gelding is a bit larger than
the ave. Arab). I have experienced loin rubbing with another brand of
saddle I owned on a short backed, small Arab mare. I was able to solve some
of the problem by switching from a synthetic to an all wool pad. I noticed
that the Orthoflex booties are synthetic - I wonder if they make (or would
consider making) a natural wool pad. If they won't, perhaps a custom shop

The quality of leather & workmanship is outstanding on the Orthoflex
saddles. It is sometimes difficult to subject such a gorgeous saddle to the
weather & rigors of endurance riding, but then again, that is what I bought
it for! The customer service ran hot & cold at Orthoflex. It was either
superb on one call to dismal on the next. My best piece of advice for
Orthoflex & Len Brown is to start a customer relation campaign NOW before
the alienate too many of their potential endurance customers!

I hope that this is helpful to you.

inda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch