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[endurance] admin stuff

Stephanie Teeter (step@fsr.com)
Wed, 31 Jul 1996 13:41:28 -0700 (PDT)

Hi group - there have been many new subscribers lately and
I wanted to make sure the new folks are aware of a few

1. Digest - if you are swamped by too many messages, you can
subscribe to the daily digest. All the day's posts come in
one message. To subscribe send email to
endurance-digest-request@moscow.com with a message body
of subscribe . (to unsubscribe to the regular list, send
email to endurance-request@moscow.com with a message body
of unsubscribe).

2. Archives - All of the past endurance@moscow.com postings
are archived on Endurance Net (http://www.endurance.net/on-line.html).
You can sort each month by subject, author and date.
You can also do a keyword search of the archives.

There's an amazing wealth of information (and opinions!) to
be had out there.

3. And we make every effort in this forum to keep the topics
restricted to endurance, so stay focused.

That's it!

Steph Teeter