ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] You know you're an endurance rider...

[endurance] You know you're an endurance rider...

Diane E. Nelson (nelsonde@ttown.apci.com)
Wed, 31 Jul 1996 13:28:25 -0400 (EDT)

...when packing for a combined business/vacation trip you include:

1) your Troxel helmut--doubles as shade while viewing the Black
Canyon of the Gunnison and protects you from those intrepid Canada Jays

2) your stretch, lycra riding pants with that jazzy day-glo
orange/blue/green/yellow pattern down the leg--teamed with a loose
fitting tunic and sandals, tres chick for evening dinner

3) riding gloves--it can get cold at 11,500 ft as you take yet another
picture of Long's Peak

4) riding sneakers--great for walking, hiking up the mesas to gawk at
the kivas, protection from snakes and like critters, each carefully
wrapped in a quart-sized zip-loc bag (if you have to ask...never mind)

5) fanny packs (2 different varieties)--great for extra film canisters,
wallet, Power Bars, and tourist brochures

6) half chaps--the ultimate protection from cactuses and, better yet,
something for your legs when your stockings self-destruct (isn't
everybody wearing these now, darlin'?)

7) and finally...a brand new halter--hostess gift for a dear friend who
is willing to put us up for a weekend while we ride her horses in and
around Sheep Mountain

Can't wait....

Diane @ Safe Haven