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[endurance] Re: Ice Boots

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>Subject: [endurance] Ice Boots

>I would appreciate help from any of you out there that use and like Ice
>Boots or Wraps.
> know I need something that will conform to my horses leg and be easy for a pit
>crew to keep cool between vet checks.
>jim clanin
>atascadero ca. said:
>put'em the freezer.
How many endurance rides have a freezer available for you to use???
>The wraps that you put in ice water are a joke, save ice water for your
>drinks or watermelon !!
I like the water soaked wraps, have used them for several years with great
success at many an endurance ride and at home. They hold an enormous
amount of water and provide cooling by evaporation. As the water is
expired by the wrap they remain cool without being TOO cold for the tissue
they are against. They are easy to use and work when you have no ice or
freezer available!!!

My crew can take them anywhere without having to worry about space in the
cooler as they just go in a bucket to the next checkpoint. Fill the bucket
with water and you have cool wraps again!!

Try the "cold Water Wrap" from The Australian Connection 1-800-847-8521
for a catalog. They also carry the Equi-Paxs Ice Cell that are a
freezable gel pack. ----------------------------------------------------
Raymond Santana
Network Operations
UC Davis Medical Center
Sacramento, CA