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[endurance] Saddle

Betsy O'Shea (boshea@magic1.org)
Tue, 30 Jul 1996 09:41:20 -0600

I recently bought a Frank Baines Endurance Saddle. I had heard of Frank
Baines as an English saddler who had won many awards from the Guild for
innovation and craftsmanship but didn't have an address and didn't know who
sold these saddles. So I posted to the list, and lickety split back came the
info I needed which put me in touch with Jenny Bertrum of Cheyrock Tack,
Bensen, Vt. 802-537-4444. jab@rdo.srs.state.vt.us Jenny sent me a demo to
try - out on the trails - doing a decent ride. I absolutely fell in love
with this saddle. It is similar to an English all-purpose saddle, but has
large weight bearing surface, beautifully balanced, doesn't hurt my knees
or other parts, and completely frees up my horse's shoulders and has hooks
galore. It is exceptionally well made, reasonably priced, and Jenny is a
dream to deal with. Through the list, I also came in contact with 2 other
people who had Frank Baines saddles, and both of them had ridden in Tevis
with them, so I figured it would be OK for my CTR! These people were
tremendously helpful too. I can now retire my orthoflex which is fine for
grin and giggles riding but a pain in the neck - or rather back and arms -
when I have to haul it around on a ride and on and off at the P and R.
Diane - why don't you add this to your saddle data base, if you havn't done
so already. This is really a great saddle for people who want an English
saddle for distance. I just wanted to say a BIG thanks for this list and all
the great people so willing to share their expertise and experiences. I
thought I would never get a saddle to fit me AND the horse.

Betsy O'Shea and Afterglow