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[endurance] Barns for Sale

Leslie Murgatroyd (murgnme@pacific.net)
Sun, 28 Jul 1996 22:23:16 +8

PLEASE NOTE** This is not endurance, but IS general horse info.

I just had a barn built and it turned out so nice, that I wanted to
pass along the name of the business: Diamond D Enterprises.
The owner is Donnie Higgins. Although he lives in
Northern California, he DOES travel to put up a barn. He just
finished a barn in Arizona and will soon be going to Oregon.

A brief description of the product:

Made with a 2" X 2" square steel tube frame and 2" X 8" T&G Pine
walls. The roofing is 26 guage steel--color is your choice.
Standard features include grill stall fronts, swing out feeders,
hinged rear and front doors, sliding breezeway doors and pier
footings. There are many options available (wash racks, concrete
breezeway, steel stall lining, dutch doors, skylights, waterers and
stall mats. All barns are engineered and can be designed to fit your
county's building codes.

Because Donnie does the manufacturing himself, you can have any
configuration you want. This barn is absolutely beautiful--inside
and out!

I have never met a nicer person, or anybody so easy to work with,
than Donnie. He and his wife, Kris, were both very helpful, in
figuring out just what I wanted and where I wanted. And if I changed
my mind? No problem! Donnie just wants YOU to be happy with
your barn!!

Diamond D has available a color brochure and a video. If you are
thinking of putting up a barn, check this one out first!! Call them
at: 800-561-9017 or email me privately for more info.

Leslie Murgatroyd <murgnme@pacific.net> Kelseyville, CA