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Mon, 29 Jul 1996 14:26:26 -0400

The Tevis Cup was won by Erin McChesney riding Cougar's Fete to 1st place and
Best Condition...a repeat of her performance of five years ago. !98 horses
started. 101 horses finished. Pat Chappell rode her Quarter Horse
Lightening's Thunder Bar to his 12th consecutive Tevis Cup finish, tieing Hal
Hall's record of 12 finishes on El Karbaj. Hal Hall became the fourth person
to complete twenty Tevis Cup Rides, Barbara White became the first person to
ever finish the ride 21 times. Western St ates Trail Foundation president,
Walt Tibbetts received his 1,000 mile buckle,AERC President Vonita Bowers
completed the ride, as did three junior riders. It was an extemely hot and
humid day with a cloud cover and no moonlight and the trail was somoeone
extended and more difficult than last year. The ride used 600 volunteer
workers many of whomwere on the job for up to thirty-six hours. Some
difficult unexpected ride management decision problems were resolved
expediently and fairly. The National Geographic filmed the entire event from
pre-ride to post ride and the Awards Ceremony and it will be aired on
November 13th. (check date at a later time).