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[endurance] Re: Rearing

Nita Osborne, Surrey UK (nita.osborne@bowes.demon.co.uk)
Sun, 28 Jul 1996 22:01:52 GMT

Rebecca, I was taught by a French instructor as follows:

As the horse comes up, throw your weight heavily to one side and pull down on
the rein on that side; as the horse is unbalanced and comes to the ground drive
forward as hard as possible. Repeat as necessary alternating sides.

It needs to be in a school or with plenty of room as it doesn't matter what
direction you drive forward in but it must be immediate. The horse may have
turned around due to the pull on the rein.

One particular horse took about half an hour to cure but never did it again. I
used this technique at the first hint of resistance which might have led to
rearing with my Arab Welsh when his companion went away and I never had the
problem. The earlier the cure the better.

Locking your fist behind one knee may work in prevention but you have to have
good contact with the opposite rein to prevent the bit going through the mouth
and does not effect a cure - it may stop it this time but he will probably do it

The old cure of long reining and pulling over backwards I have known to work but
there is every chance the horse will damage its back.

I have had a horse rear and go over backwards on top of me - not funny. If you
cannot cure it,send it to someone who can or shoot it as it is a danger to both
rider, itself, property and anyone else nearby.

Are you SURE it isn't hurting in it's back or elsewhere? Try Tellington-Jones'
tests to find out.

Surrey UK