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Re: [endurance] Ice Boots

karen clanin (kclanin@fix.net)
Sun, 28 Jul 1996 21:04:01 -0700 (PDT)

At 05:58 PM 7/28/96 -0700, you wrote:
>I would appreciate help from any of you out there that use and like Ice
>Boots or Wraps.


One very cheap way to go is to use the refreezable gell packs. The one's
that are about 4"x5" that vaccines are shipped with. Next get some plastic
baby bottles, (thrift stores are a good source). Fill bottles 2/3 with water
and cap, take 2 gell packs and wrap around bottle, hold packs in place with
masking tape and put'em the freezer. When frozen remove from bottle and they
fit around legs just above fetlock, you can hold in place with shipping
boots or cotton leg wraps. One nice thing about them is that you can tell
how hot the leg is/was by how warm or cold the packs are after 15 or 20 mins
of use. They are not high tec but are cheap and work well.

The wraps that you put in ice water are a joke, save ice water for your
drinks or watermelon !!

The DURA KOLD wraps are super, easy to use and stay cold a long time. Price
about $50 to $60 for two wraps. Our daughter shares her two with her horse
after a ride.

jim clanin
atascadero ca.