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[endurance] Tevis Results

Susan Flagg (bzdgulch@ecis.com)
Sun, 28 Jul 1996 13:49:25 -0700

Hi Everybody--

Just arrived home from crewing for Suzanne Hayes and Kooter @ Tevis.
Her mom and Kimberly Price from this list also crewed. What an experience!
My very first time crewing at Tevis (or for that matter even being at
Tevis!), and had a fabulous time.

Following are the Top 10 horses who competed for the Haggin Cup --
there were a couple of others who finished in the Top but didn't meet the
165 pound weight criteria.

1st Erin McChesney & Cougars Fete (sp?)
2nd Chris Knoch & Saxx
3rd Suzanne Hayes & Kooter
4th Shelly Hatfield & Major Attraction
5th Cassandra Schuler & Magnet
6th Sharon Westergard
7th Josef somebody (sorry...)
8th Angie (?) Finch
9th Jason Wonders
10th Chuck Mather

Sorry I don't have all their times, but everyone was cheering too loud to
hear during the Haggin Cup judging.

Learned a ton and can hardly wait to attempt it myself next year!

Sue Flagg in Knightsen, CA