ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Response to Igatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[endurance] Response to Igatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl Newbanks (cnewbank@cris.com)
Thu, 25 Jul 1996 18:51:04 -0400 (EDT)

They wrote!:

>>1. Tone of Answers, reactions and e-mails
>> If you want your reactions to come over in the way they are meant,
>>you should add a few ideograms here and there. In fact Nathalie's letter was
>>universally received by our European members as being far from
>>matter-of-fact, the letter of KS Swigart was taken as being offending, and
>>there - however - are enough native English-spoken people among our members
>>who felt insulted by this, telling us that indeed the insult came over to
>>them as well.

They want our business and respond like this??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> - meanwhile - even bordering on the funny is, that apparently only the
>>US-participants have the right to feel offended, to react accordingly with a
>>language and way of formulating we wouldn't even think to employ with the
>>next man on the street, to freely display chauvinistic attitudes and age-old
>>prejudices no one of us has before even thought possible for the citizens of
>>a "free and democratic" country, whereas the rest of the world has to please
>>keep its mouth shut...

I find it amazing that he would find it humorous that we would ask tough
questions, and then take it as a offense! Perhaps they don't understand the
american english enough to do business here?

>>2. Netiquette
>>So far we had the distinct impression that there is a thing like
>>"netiquette", at least most web-users heed certain points of respect and
>>courteousness. One of these points is that private mail isn't published in
>>newsgroups or on pinboards and our answer to Nathalie was private mail, sent
>>to her personally and not to endurance@moscow.com. If she insists upon
>>disregarding such minor points of netiquette she's welcome to do so.
>>Certainly it underlines the feeling we had about her first "message".

This greatly disturbs me, perhaps he shouldn't be utilizing a NEWS GROUP
where we share our information FREELY with one another as a tool to market
his business! There are no SECRET LETTERS! I thought the net was about open

>>3. Identity, SandyDSA
>>Our identity is written and described in our homepage,


SandyDSA, not
>>only do you apparently take insult fast,


>>merely skimming something written, instead of really reading it. Our offer
>>was no "sales list",


>> neither did we make "aspersions" about the
>>US-riders/US-horsebreeding, nor insult the US-breeds, nor say that you do not
>>have any good horses over there.

Which IGATAR pretty much does do after this portion of the letter!

>> Our offer is the result of several dozens of
>>people e-mailing and writing us for help regarding Akhal Teke and the
>>acquisition of horses of the breed.

Has anyone from THIS BOARD done this? Maybe he they should of sent their
response privately instead of on a PUBLIC board!

>>4. Letter of KS Swigart
>>This time we won't excuse ourselves for our opinion of this letter, it simply
>>is atrocious, an accumulation of prejudices and, KSSwigart, perhaps it would
>>be far better if you abstain from importing Russian horses and dealing with
>>Russians, if your opinion of them and the people breeding them is so low!!!
>>Whyever do you want to?

I am sure after this letter not many of us will choose to do so!

>>KSSwigart, your letter is offensive, rude, prejudiced and also wrong in so
>>many aspects,

Maybe he should of re-read his own letter before sending it. Actually Kat
yours was COMPLEMENTARY compared to this!@@#

>>And - apart from our reaction to KSSwigart - this letter is actually written
>>on a saddened tone, gee, what a view of the world and people!

The exact feeling I now have about your narrow minded view of the USA. Why
I actually helped a driver broke down on the side of the road the other day
and lived to tell about it!!!! Even helped push the car! WHAT A MIRACLE!
And isn't it amazing that we haven't had a government cue lately!?
>President: R. Kirsch
>Board members: Kluth, Quinte, Schwab, Kleindienst
>and the IGATER members who scanned the pages/reactions as well and e-mailed
>to the above content.

Hi gang! I can't believe the audacity of this Akhal Teke persona! Not only
did they or whomever over-react the first time, but if he can't understand
caution with regards to a purchase of any horse then perhaps we don't care
to deal at all with such people. I say FLAME THEM!

I have been on this board for about 3 weeks now, recieving at least 25
messages minimum a day and have read alot of the archives for a year! At no
time have I EVER been offended by any member of this board EXCEPT by this
character. I have trained horses in this country, OUR GREAT USA, for most
of my 41 years and have found most of the horse people friendly and helpful.
I have especially found this board to be one of the nicest group of people
yet and look forward to my daily correspondence with you all. Actually Kat
called the shot when she told me he has been obnoxious before and since he
dislikes AMERICANS so much perhaps he should take his offer for business
elsewhere where the people are more naive and are less likely to ask
informative questions. If these people don't understand the American
culture and are so NEGATIVELY BIASED about us then take your "WONDERFUL,
NON-PROFIT, FRIENDLY" offer somewhere else, to some other country!

Once again I am in a FLAMING MOOD!!!!!!!! Which is a first for

This is a democracy, perhaps IGATAR can't handle that or hasn't yet matured
enough in their own! Now gang lets get back to the business of this board
and that is providing each other with ENDURANCE information and helping one
another out! That is after we FLAME THEM!
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//'( )__, ) Buckeye, AZ
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