ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] reminder on Calif. Pt. Reyes trip

[endurance] reminder on Calif. Pt. Reyes trip

Sullys Maze (Sully@forsythe.stanford.edu)
Tue, 23 Jul 96 23:12:51 PDT

This is a reminder to all that August is comming up fast!

I am still planning to be at Pt. Reyes Stewarts Ranch HOrse Camp
the weekend of Aug. 23-25. My sister is also planning to go.

Anyone going will need to call 415-663-1362 for reservation.
Cost is $11/night. That includes both horse and rider. There
are picket poles, or you can set up portable corrale or tie to
the trailer. Remember to bring blankets for the horses as it
can get cold if the fog rolls in, and quarters for hot showers!
There is stock water available, but no drinking water for humans.
My reccomendation is to bring lots of liquids as it has been very
hot there this summer.

Due to the heat, I will likely park up in the trees if possible.
I have a two-tone brown ford Extended cab truck and a Morgan slant
load trailer. Two probably dirty grey mares! I am hoping to go
Thursday if Lynn and I can work it out. If not, I will be there
early Friday.

I sure hope some of you folks that are planning to do or crew
Tevis or Swanton can come and entertain us with stories!

I will be happy to answer more questions or give directions.