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[endurance] EuroEnduro: SCOTTISH CHAMPIONSHIPS

Tue, 23 Jul 96 16:17:17 +0100

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Well, what a weekend! The Scottish Endurance Riding Championships were
held last weekend at Huntly, Aberdeenshire. The venue was superb, the
horses were stabled at Huntly Mart, in the cattle pens. The Mart guys
made sure that if straw was booked that they were up to their hocks in
it. Of the 137 entries, approximately half were stabled at the Mart for
at least one night.

The rides on offer were as follows:
100 miles over two days
75 miles over two days
50 mile race ride
42 mile race ride
42 mile competitive ride
50 miles over two days
33 miles open
33 miles novice
22.5 miles open
16 mile pleasure ride Saturday
16 mile pleasure ride Sunday

The course consisted of a 2 mile route to and from the venue then one
continuous loop for the 50 milers(100 milers) with 'shortcuts' across
the loop for the lower mileages. The weather was hot and sunny and the
decision was taken by the vet panel was taken to give the horses an
extra 15 minutes time allowance to allow anyone doing a grading ride to
achieve their speed without thrashing their horse round the tough


These were done by me on my Lap-top!!

Scottish Champion - 100 miles over two days
Libby Whittome on Spirit of Darkness spd 6.22mph h.r. 50
(Only one in class to finish, only two starters)

75 miles over two days
Sarah Thomas on Highland Trooper spd 6.87mph h.r.50
(only one to finish, 3 starters)

50 mile race ride
1 Mari Coyle on Addie spd 6.69 hr 51
2 Jean Christie on Monty Cristo spd 6.53 hr 55
3 Martin Steven on Robert spd 6.37 hr51

42 mile race
1 Carol Imrie on Triss spd 8.05mph hr 42
2 Anne Cassidy on Taharqa 8.05 mph hr 62
3 Ann Hallam on Mtoto 7.24 mph hr 50

42 mile competitive
1 Louise Inness on Druids Hill 7.85mph hr 46 GOLD
2 Mary Stelmach on Milk and Honey 7.64 mph hr 48 GOLD
3 Judith Piggot on Cyd 7.75 mph hr 51 Silver

50 over two days
1 Jayne Cathro on Bahra 7.62 hr 48 & 44 GOLD
2 Lynda Fowler on Zhara Gold 7.01 hr 51 & 47 Silver

33 mile open
1 Clive Pollitt on Gwenno 8.76mph

33 mile novice
1 Susan McArthur on First day of Spring 7.64mph

20mile open
1 Trish Prise on Zak 7.23mph

The speeds were kept low by the testing nature of the course and the
heat. The course consisted of Forestry, Grouse Moor, and ope farmland
with very little roadwork.
Some quotes:
"excellent course, scarcely any level ground but the going was good, not
stoney" Libby Whittome
"Lovely tracks and fantastic views" & "hills? What hills?" Al Craig
"Tough course, always another hill to climb but superb views of indigo
hills" Mary Stelmach

So, I hope you have a flavour of what is in store for you next year at
the Home International....I look forward to prehaps meeting some of you

Angela who has lost the ability to count!