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Andrea Waistell (Andrea.Waistell@ncl.ac.uk)
Fri, 19 Jul 1996 12:03:07 +0100

In reply to Kris, Diane is very correct in her advise and I would say
the same. But here is a short tale from across the pond. My horse was
compeleting 25 miles novice no problem but getting vetted out for being
stiff behind after 30 mins, had vet out and he said could be saddle. So
after taking advise I had a made to measure GP. Well all went well but my
saddler said that the saddle needed re-stuffing and accepting that they knew
what they were doing (how dumb can you be!) let them carry on. Up shot next
season horse not moving well.

Now we are lucky in this part of the UK as we have and independent
consultant who comes out and takes full pattern of horse's back and the
underside of saddle, observes horse and takes general notes of past history
and what is expected of the horse in the future. He then makes
recommendations as to what needs to be done if anything. He uses the
patterns from the horse to construct a cardboard model of the horses back
which is given to the saddler to help with his stuffing. In my case the
tree fitted the horse but the panels had been over stuffed and the leather
stretched. So I had new - larger - panels made which are not stuffed as
hard as a drum and a flex-free numnah (has stiffish panels) giving bigger
bearing surface. Result happy horse with better movement under saddle.

I am sure there must be someone in the states offering a similar service.

P.S. Forgot to say if anyone wants further details please e.mail