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[endurance] Re: Saddle Pads

Ron Olko (captron1@ix.netcom.com)
Wed, 17 Jul 1996 21:53:52 -0700

Hi out there,
I'm having trouble getting my saddle to fit my horse. It's not too
small, but what it is is too straight. It bridges on her back. It also
does this on my other horse. Someone, a horse chiropractor, mentioned
to me that the right pad, one that would "fill in" the space right
behind her shoulder blade, would fix my problem. The saddle fits well
in all others areas. Does anyone know where such a pad exists and what
it's called? Also do you know of a saddle fit "expert" in Southern Ca
so that I can get a 2nd opinion before I buy a pad that I shouldn't?