ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Pennsylvania Game Lands (long)

[endurance] Pennsylvania Game Lands (long)

Kevin Pfoertsch (safehavn@fast.net)
Wed, 17 Jul 96 22:17 EDT

Endurance rider and AERC 1994 National Featherweight champion Nancy Senn
(who is not a member of cyberspace) asked that I post this to the net for
all those riders who live in Pennsylvania, ride in Pennsylvania, or who
otherwise leave their property to ride on public lands ANYWHERE.

If you need more info, please contact Nancy directly at 610-286-6809 before
9:30PM EDT.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As a lot of you know, trail riders of all persuasions are facing a
crisis of major proportions. The Pennsylvania Game Commission has decided
to ban horses and mountain bikes from most trails in State Game Lands 145 at
Mount Gretna and (I believe) Cornwall, citing worsened condition of the
trails as the reason for this decision. This is supposed to be a "pilot"
program for the rest of the state. The areas in question are high traffic
areas with ALOT of bike and horse usage. And yes, there was a bike race
over these trails that damaged these trails. HOWEVER, I truly believe that
trying to place blame is a real waste of creative energy and makes for some
of the most boring reading. What's done is done and we as a group need to
take steps to help rectify this situation. Like it or not, we as horseback
riders also impact the environment. The game commission is not funded by
tax dollars and their responsibility is to oversee lands that are for
wildlife refuge and for hunting. Be that as it may, we as a group need to
let the commission know how we plan to help keep those trails in good shape.
SPEAK TO HER/HIM PERSONALLY!! After you have done that, there is a list of
Representatives and Senators that sit on their respective Games and
Fisheries Committees. Please write them, and tell them of your concern.

A few words from friends who are highly placed in both the local and
state political arenas. DON'T SEND A FORM LETTER...IF YOU DON'T CARE
ENOUGH, THEN THEY WON'T EITHER. Individually typed letters are okay.
Handwritten letters are awesome. Tell these members that you live in
Pennsylvania because of the opportunities afforded to ride. That as a rider
you are not adverse to paying a fee for the privilege of using the game
lands. And you may want to remind them, politely, that horses and horse
related businesses bring in hundreds of millions (maybe even a billion) of
dollars a year. Please if you write to the majority officers, do write to
the minority. At most this will cost you around $10.00 and a few hours.
Think of the alternative.

House Post Office 202020
Main Capital Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2020

Majority (Republican)
Chairperson: Bruce Smith
Vice Chairperson: Pat Brown
Secretary: Patricia Carone

Minority Chair: Michael Gruitza
Minority Vice Chair: Ed Staback

Republican Committee members: Democratice Committee Members:
Russ Fairchild Tony Colaizzo
Scott Hutchinson Harry Readshaw
Robert Nyce Michael Hanna
Robert Godshall Jim Shane
Jim Lynch Stanley Jarolin
Larry Sather Dan Surra
Leonard Gruppo Joseph Petrarca
Sandra Major Thomas Yewcic
Leroy Zimmerman
Dick Hess
Jim Merry

Senate Post Office Box 202020
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2020

Chairperson: Edward W. Helfrick
Vice Chairperson: Robert Robbins

Minority Chair: Eugene Porterfield

Republican Committee Members Democratic Committee Members
David Brightbill Leonard Bodack
J. Doyle Corman Richard Kasunic
Daniel Delp Hardy Williams
Robert Jubelirer ***
Roger Madigan

*** Senator Jubelirer should be addressed as President Pro Tempore. All
others by their respective Senator or Representative. Thanks again! And
see you on the trails!