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[endurance] Re: Crewing and Harness Racing

Nita Osborne, Surrey UK (nita.osborne@bowes.demon.co.uk)
Wed, 17 Jul 1996 09:47:20 GMT

(In reply to your message dated Tuesday 16, July 1996)

Being English I suppose this is a silly question, but what on earth is TUTTLES
to prevent tyeing up and stiffness ?

Cheryl, you work extremely hard and everything you do sounds similar to our
crewing except that it is mostly out on the trail so you have to carry
everything with you. The horses in the UK are vetted every 20 miles or so and if
badly de-hydrated the vet. may be put a horse on to a drip to get liquid into
them asap. Those horses are not allowed to continue of course. If they fail the
vetting at some stage they also have to be passed again as fit to travel.
Sometimes they are required to stay overnight if really bad. But that is down to
good crewing on the way round and an understanding of the trail
conditions/weather especially heat and humidity. Yes we DO GET heat and humidity
across the pond.

I reckon someone will jump at your offer :) Too far for me.

Surrey, England.