ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Injuries and other stupid things we do....

[endurance] Injuries and other stupid things we do....

Diane E. Nelson (nelsonde@ttown.apci.com)
Wed, 17 Jul 1996 08:44:43 -0400 (EDT)

A few years ago Hurricane Hugo roared through PA and stopped for a visit
over the Sullivan Wilds 25 in the nether regions of northern PA. It
started raining, hard, in the wee hours just before the ride, high winds and
all. We waited 4 hours under canopies while crews raced around the trail
clearing downed trees and assessing the safety of the trails.
Management, riders, et al all decided since we were already there, why
not.... So off we went. There's a steep climb alongside a ridge just a
1/4 mile out of base camp. I was riding Mr T at the time and just as we
rounded a corner my soaked saddle/girth slipped to the right (downhill
side of course) and flipped me down the hill. Now I was not about ready
to relinguish the reins (a bad habit that has broken a finger and done me
in more than a few times) 'cause Mr T does not stop! So he continues to
trot up the mountain dragging me as I'm grasping the reins with my right
hand--when I hear a "POP" as my shoulder dislocates! Now let's talk about

So I'm within spittin' distance of camp--I can go back and get out of the
torrential downpour--do I?...hell no! I *crawl* back on and continue what
has become one of the truly legendary "endurance" CTRs ever sanctioned by
ECTRA! So we did 25 miles in a hurricane that flipped to a sleet
storm...all with a dislocated shoulder and no medication!

Would I do it again? Umm, probably not... Age has caught up with
me...maybe good sense too (nah!).

Any other "war stories" out there?

Diane @ Safe Haven