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Wed, 17 Jul 1996 02:22:00 -0400

In a message dated 96-07-17 00:38:49 EDT, joyce@homer.ca.boeing.com (Joyce
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>Do you know the angles of your horses' hooves?

Joyce, my horse is very upright and runs between 57-60 on the front feet. Not
sure about the back. I'll run out tommorrow and check. Both front are the
same. What concerns me and I have a very reputable shoer, is my horse use to
have nice big feet and now they're trimmed down real small and his heels
appear pinched in. He does not have long toe and low heel and I also see alot
of that out there and like to see a horse's feet under them. Is it wrong to
have nice big feet and why is it there is so much long toe low heel on
horses? Are there any of you that have a horse with steep angles? Should the
back feet be lower or higher than the front? I' ve heard different things
from different shoers. If a horse breaks over off center should the shoer
change it so breakover is dead center? Some shoers say changing things can
bring on lameness. The TB had an article that said the breakover should be
about 11/4 inch from apex of frog but I see alot at 2 inches. I try to read
alot on the subject but seems there are as many opinions as there are shoers.
Glad you brought this up Joyce. Linda and Egypts El Sareei from Reno.