ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Hoof Angles

[endurance] Hoof Angles

Joyce Kellenberger (joyce@homer.ca.boeing.com)
Tue, 16 Jul 96 19:23:09 PDT

Consider this an informal survey:

Do you know the angles of your horses' hooves?

If you do:

Are they the same on both front? The same on both back?
Are both front and back the same?

How do you feel about heels - lots of heel? no heel w/long toe?

My personal experience indicates that an average angle of 55 degrees
on the front and 55 to 57 degrees on the back maintain a nice up-
rightedness (is that a correct word?) which takes stress off of the
tendon on the back of the leg and also reduces pressure/stress on
the coffin and navicular bones. I see a lot of long toe, no heel
out there and it scares me. What don't I know? What's your opinion?
This applies to Arabians, specifically endurance horses (of course).

I have a new shoer that has never shoed endurance horses before and
I'm trying to hone up on my communication skills at his level. I
need some help.

Thanks, Joyce