ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] back at work and no endurance digest

[endurance] back at work and no endurance digest

16 Jul 96 16:57:34

Well, I came back to work yesterday, after being away two weeks, and getting home to Maryland Friday night from the ROC, and found that our mail service had crashed Saturday night, wiping out all unretrieved mail. So -- no endurance news (or anything else, for that matter) for me to read and catch up on.

We finished the ROC in good shape, well back in the pack -- but I donąt even know where! It was a great ride, wonderful trails and an altogether not-to-be-missed experience. Zara did really well -- galloped across the finish line, trying to run away with me (he must have known he was home!).

Anyway, if I missed anything really important, will someone please forward it to me? Iąd love to see the list of ROC finishers, for example. Also Elk Valley.

Many thanks.

Nancy Smart