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[endurance] re: endurance newbee

Sullys Maze (Sully@forsythe.stanford.edu)
Tue, 16 Jul 96 08:47:37 PDT

Bridget Brickson writes:
(snipped from previous post):
hack around on and then get by with that until I am ready. I read somewhere on
this board a while back that when I purchase a pad I should look for open cell
foam instead of closed cell foam to reduce heat build up. I've noticed in the
millions of catalogs I've ordered there dosen't seem to be to many open cell
foam pads available. What do you all use?

-Maybe you are not looking in the endurance catalogs? Many of them
carry the skito pad, with equalizer foam. These are open cell foam
pads. I have been very pleased with mine. No sore backs.

back. Closed cell distributes weight better, and absorbs shock much better.
It also takes up more space under the saddle, though, so can compromise saddle
fit. Gel pads hold the most heat, and are heavy, expensive, thick, and can

-According to Sharon Schmidts book TRAIL TIPS FOR DISTANCE RIDERS,
studies done of the skito pad show it absorbs 90% of shock, and also
draws heat away from the back. In my experience also, the old
closed cell foam pad I used to use didn't absorb shock very well.
I was not impressed with it (Equine innovations pad), and will
happily sell it to anyone for $35!)