ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Need stories/quotes - Graves Mtn/Dip Lucy

[endurance] Need stories/quotes - Graves Mtn/Dip Lucy

Sally Aungier (Aungish@gwwpm1.unos.org)
Tue, 16 Jul 1996 08:32:00 -500

In order to celebrate Dip Lucy's 85th birthday which is on
Sept. 2 .we are planning a big *SURPRISE* bash at
Graves Mountain in September (date pending). We are
thinking of having a roast and putting together a scrap
book or video so we are looking for good stories,
thoughts or pictures about riding at Graves, either for
pleasure or competitively.
Or perhaps you rode with Dip at another ride and have a
story or picture to share.
No single person has contributed as much to distance and
pleasure trail riding in VA as Dip. This is our chance to
show our appreciation for someone who has personally
managed over 100 competitive/endurance/NATRC rides,
and developed at least 100 miles of trail and who at 84
remains able to ride a couple of days a week.

Our plan is for this to be an open party at the Lodge (you
buy a meal ticket through the organizers). If you would
like to be put on the list for an invitation please let me

We'll try to set this up as a ride and party weekend.

Sally Aungier