ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Ride Results A.H.A.M. Ride - Michigan

[endurance] Ride Results A.H.A.M. Ride - Michigan

LINDA SHERRILL (sweau@voyager.net)
Mon, 15 Jul 1996 19:59:14 -0400 (EDT)

A.H.A.M. Ride - Mio, Michigan - July 13, 1996

50 Mile Endurance

1st Linda Hamrick Sugar Shenanigans
2nd Myra Fleming Niota
3rd Angel Williams GR Shadow Best Condition
4th Jill Gobert Banner
5th Don Caldwell Story
6th Andrea Redman Spirit of the Nite
7th Lorna Bell CK Joladdinn
8th Peter Jennings Shanabee Bay
9th Karen Bahrmann Moonlit Knight
10th Judy Schlink GF Sanslim ?
11th Bonnie Tobias Daisy
12th Cindy Worthington Al
13th Linda Sherrill WMF Fads Pizaz
14th Yvette Vinton ?
15th Carol Ann Beckner ?

16 riders started the 50 mile ride and 15 finished. The trail this year was
dry, and little water until the 2nd loop which was GORGEOUS! A bit of the
trail on the second half winds along a river and the view is spectacular.
There's room to stop and get your horses into the water to drink and just
spend a minute enjoying the view (Which certainly explains why I'm way down
on the list of finishers!) I was having too much fun gazing at the river!
Anyway, the trail was certainly challenging (sand, rocks and roots, etc) but
a fun ride and beautiful northern Michigan country. Come join us next year!

The IAHA Region 13 70 mile Sweepstakes ride was also held at this location,
however, the results were unavailable (Competitive Trail Ride). Perhaps
someone else has those results and can post them.

Linda Sherrill
Justus Arabians

Linda Sherrill
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