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[endurance] Summer Breeze

Samm C Bartee (bartesc@mail.auburn.edu)
Mon, 15 Jul 1996 13:49:25 -0500 (CDT)

The Summer Breeze ride went extremely well this year!! There were 45 or
so starters and 42 finishers on the 50. Trails were wonderfully marked,
weather was great for this time of year, competition was stiff, and the
camp was a nice change of pace!!

A note about the injured rider. She is Teresa Potate from Mississippi.
She was riding her Appy Bandit, he slipped on some wet rock and went down
with her. A very nice MD, Dr. Harvey Diamond came along, helped
stabalize her, and then went on to finish 12th in the 25!! Her boyfriend
Eddie Edwards stayed with her until a truck came to take her to the
hospital, and he went on to finish 5th in the 25!! She was taken home
for surgery on her leg--broken, and her shoulder--also broken. I
understand that she was mumbling something about good drugs as they were
whisking her off to the hospital!!:-) She is going to be fine, and will
be back out on the trail before we know it.
Revel completed, as you will be able to see, and it made his 1000
miles!! Now I can relax--yeah right!!--now what?
I tried to note all that are on line with the @, if I missed someone, I
am sorry. I did not have the time or the energy to get horse names, and
times, so that will have to wait for the EN with the official times!

50 milers:

1. Nina Warren 4:51 BC!!
2. Beth Rogers American Saddlebred
3. Sue Mullen
4. Jim Wiseman
5. Phil Sowders
6. Mrs. Sowders:-)
7. Jim Rogan
8. Vanissa Swaim
9. Talitha Thompson 1st Jr!!!
10. Melissa Crain
11. Dawn Sanchez
12. Roby Doll @
13. Amy Whelan--actually tied with Roby
14. Judy Sandlin
15. Cindy Young
16. Marie Threadgill
17. Alice Mull
18. Laura Szeremi @
19. Tessa McAfee JR!!
20. Lois McAfee
21. Daniel Burton JR!
22. Nina Murphey
23. Carolyn Garrett
24. Karen Clark
25. Duane Barnett
26. Tim Garwood
27. Diane Bickers
28. Amanda Brumleve JR!!
29. Kate Pinehardt JR!!
30. Diane Potts
31. Carol Ash
32. Sarah Mower JR!!
33. Susan Philpot
34. Jerry Romans @!!
35. Anne Ayala
36. Wynn Brown @
37. Tina Hicks @!!!
38. Jenny Edgell JR!!
39. Nancy Oats
40. Sabrina Calvet
41. Samm Bartee Sir Revel 1000 mile Appy!!!!! @

25 milers

Donna Jackson
David Ash
Sharon Stoll
Connie Peach BC
Eddie Edwards
Jennifer Johnstone
Steve Johnson
Thomas Issacs
Mary Yager @!!
Brenda Kenley
Barb Jefferson
Harvey Diamond MD!!
Greg Jones
Mary Lynn Stockdale
Suzanne Solis @
Nancy Oeth
Paula Brown
Connie Field
Marilyn Hortsmyer
Scotty Dyer JR!!
Ashley Meeks

Apologies to any misspelled names!!!


Auburn, Al. SE Region
SIR REVEL--1045 miles and .....!!!
MOONLIGHT JET--just getting started at 16