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Re: [endurance] Equithotics Sneakers

Sun, 14 Jul 1996 23:22:42 -0400

The mfgr of the Equithoic SNEAKERS is
Kirk Adkins
707-449-3570 in CA

Many posts on wear;
Ref Lori Stewarts Post;
They last as well as most steel shoes. Within reason
The OD100 eats a set of steel shoes.
The first time I tried it I got 80 miles, steel shoes all but gone, were new
Second time 65 mile, steel and Easyboots. Legs fine, rear shoes worn,
all but shot. I use them as spares and carry on saddle. Cost-a bit high
So putting Easy boots over steel cost more then the SNEAKERS

Last time on od100 ,finished SNEAKERS were on 2 weeks before and 4 weeks
after. They were the older design etc. Not really re-setable.

New design is MUCH better.

Est 200 miles of rides and training. Should get 3 to 3 settings.
Do steel shoes last for ALL of the Outlaw 250 on one horse??
The Sneakers were in the 95 TEVIS 6 for 6 all finished all shoes intact.

The issue is; Will the added expense make the job easier on my horse? Will
she go more miles and stay sound? Will her legs look great after?
Will she travel better, less response to rocks, no slip on hard top??

Yes some extra slip on wet grass. So do shoes with full pads.
we learn how to go on wet grass... but really make up for it the hard pack
and the blacktop.

They make 5 sizes, should be able to fit any horse since they are shaped to
the horses trimed foot. I use 4 front patterns on one horse since he is
rounded on all 4.

I DO NOT recommend using only on the front. The horse travels different front
to rear then. Lots of protection in the front ..none in the rear. I found my
gang goes better when I use 4 shoes of the same type-style.
Like tires on a car. Radial vs Bias tread... Do they still make them?

Anyway, that should offer more informatiom
Will send out info flyers and SHOER installation instruction to all that
Else give Kirk a call

I suspect there will a BIG ad soon with Kanavy Girls and Cash/Fire and their
They just plain work.

Gota beat up on NATRC to allow these shoes, how (we) I gonna be a *switch
Of course I was told *endurance horses* cant do NATRC.