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[endurance] Cedar Creek CTR (Long) NATRC

Lucie A. Hess (lhess01@mail.coin.missouri.edu)
Sun, 14 Jul 1996 00:08:14 -0500 (CDT)

The 3rd Cedar Creek Ride was another success. We had more riders and even
broke even, (financially).
47 riders entered and 45 completed. We had 6 first time Competitors most
of them from our local area. I believe they all had such a good time
that they will try it again.
Open did 27 miles on Sat. and 23 miles on Sun. both at 5 miles per
hour. Novice/C.P. did 17 miles on Sat. and 16 miles on Sun. all at 4mph.
We had good creeks with water at least every 2 miles. It was hot and
very humid, the horses lost a great deal of P&R points and many horses
were held due to their high rates. Some riders were held for the first
time this year much to their chagrin. This was not a manners ride.
This was the first year we had to deal with the heat, the first two years
were unseasonably cool and even damp, no rain but cloudy and foggy.
Folks, I always say that I learn something each time I go to a ride ,
this time was no different.
Here's what I learned: Carry the important phone numbers on your body,
this weekend I needed to call the vet for a sick horse, (horse is o.k.),
and to call the porta-pottie guys, they were 5 hours late, and I did not
have the numbers right at my fingertips. Thank good- ness for cell phones.
Thankfully the Trailmaster had the vet number memorized as it was her
usual vet.
Don't try to take a "shortcut " on the trail to get to another place on
the trail unless you are absolutely sure that you know where it starts
and stops. I knew where a short cut was, I thought!!
and ended up taking a short excursion in the woods with the treatment
vet, luckily, he was in a good mood. This cost us a few minutes in
getting to the sick horse. which wasn't bad this time but could have
compounded the problem.
Regarding cell phones, if you are going to use them know how to operate
them, I called the vet and didn't know to turn the power back on on
the phone so again lost precious minutes waiting for a phone to ring that
wasn't turned on, OOOPS! To say the least I don't own a cell phone but
now I know how one works.
I don't mind telling you my screw ups as it might help some one else.
All in all, the ride really went smoothly. The riders were happy about
the trail, they said it was well marked, no one except myself got lost,
and everyone had a great time. Our ride critiques were in the excellent
and good range with some positive comments for how to improve some things.
I guess I'll do it again next year. So come join us next year in
Columbia, Missouri for the Cedar Creek Ride.

Lucie Hess
Columbia, Missouri
Chief Black Arrow -retired Appy
Moonhill Dandi -current mount- 7/8 Arab