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[endurance] Equithotics

Richard K. Stewart (76147.1145@compuserve.com)
13 Jul 96 11:57:49 EDT

I put my 5 year old gelding in equithotics front and rear at the very start of
his conditioning program and have been very pleased. I think they protect
against alot of potential problems caused by bad footing such as embedded
rock, hard pack and pavement, and frequent pavement crossings. The East has
more than its fair share of all these conditions. Traveling downhill on
grass, my horse doesn't slip more often just slides a little further. I get at
least one reset, ie. 12 weeks of wear. How long a set lasts will depend on a
horse's style of moving and how abrasive the soil is that you train on most of
the time.

Lori Stewart
Bath, PA

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