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Re: [endurance] Endurance Riding Inquiry

Fri, 12 Jul 1996 04:10:22 -0400

TroyLynn, I think of all the horsesports endurance is the least expensive.
Yes, I have spent alot of money but they weren't neccesities. All you need is
comfortable tack, clothes and a horse that can do it. Other sports require
expensive clothes, more in entry fees. I have to warn you though, I love
endurance so much that sometimes if I'm not careful it can consume my whole
life...it's addicting and before you know it your're hooked. What it costs
you is time spent in conditioning..no short cuts there but for me those hours
of training have been the most enjoyable times of my life. I call them my
sanity breaks. After a ride in the mountains the stresses of life and
problems with the kids are forgotten. I can't remember when I've had more
fun or met neater people. Nothing can beat leaving early morning on your
horse at a ride by the light of glo bars topping a hill just as the sun is
rising, the valley below, views that leave you in awe and the faint dust
cloud of a rider ahead and your horse striving to catch them. The challenge
of the trail, the bond you build with your horse and the sense of pride you
feel when you finish with a healthy horse are the greatest rewards of
endurance.Try it..you'll like. P.S. You'll have to learn how to put a dinner
on the table in less than 20 min. Do housework and laundary after everyone
has gone to bed. Replace you Bon Apetit and Better Homes with endurance
magazines, buy a thick stack of post-it notes(for instructions for your
family and info on your whereabouts) as you'll find yourself spending more
and more time on the trail with your horse as you become more obsessed with
the sport. Linda and Egypts El Sareei from Reno