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[endurance] 1 More Time - Timberon

Dinah (dinah@vermontel.com)
Thu, 11 Jul 1996 18:12:19 -0400

>I believe that this is not such a hot idea. How many times have you seen
>requests on how to remove numbers, do you want 4 or more numbers on your
>horse? An argument could be made that you would only have to mark your
>horse for the first ride of the year and it is there for the season.

I totally agree! Some of us HATE old numbers on our horses. I feel sad when
I see a horse show up at a ride with an old number. It seems like poor
grooming and/or no one cared about the horse very much. (Personal hangup --
I want our discipline to be well thought of by other disciplines, and not
hear, "look at those endurance riders, they don't even bother to . . .")
Also there are some of us who do other things with our horses. We fox hunt,
drive competitively, and show in Dressage from time to time. As a manager I
would rather deal with the paperwork. And what about first time horses that
don't have AERC numbers?
Furthermore, the numbers always make me think of horses going to the killers
Golly Gee, I didn't realize I felt so strongly about it.